Contract Sales

  • CSO – Contract Sales Organization

    • Novel tried and tested CSO strategy and model in China – founder pioneered the Novamed model in 2006-2011.
    • Nuance has secured a leading China based management team.
    • Founder and core team pioneered the AstraZeneca growth model in 2002 – AZ China is currently the leading Rx MNC in China.
    • Successfully launched and developed a new model CSO in 2006, Novamed which partnered with leading MNC’s Sanofi, Pfizer and Baxter. Pioneered an unparalleled MNC legacy brand transition and growth model via this new model.
    • The company is focussed on building hospital and not channel demand – strong record of building hospital demand.
    • The company employs compliance driven education and promotional model across hospitals and pharmacies in China.
    • Employs a precise and accurate business intelligence model when implementing commercial plans in China – strong targeting & segmentation platform approach.
    • Strong business continuity through staff retention and business intelligence.
    • Compelling commercial and strategic rationale for companies to partner with Nuance.

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