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June 16th, 2022, Nuance Pharma signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Shanghai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Pharma). Executives and core team members from both parties attended the signing ceremony. Participants from Shanghai Pharma included Managing Director, VP and General Manager Mr. Li Yongzhong, Vice General Manager Mr. Ren Gang and General Manager of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Pharmaceutical Distribution Center Ms. Geng Min, as well as executives from Nuance Pharma including CEO Mark Lotter, CFO Bob Shen and COO Charlie Chen.


Nuance Pharma COO Charlie Chen opened with the company introduction of Nuance Pharma, followed by Ms. Geng Min, the General Manager of Shanghai Waigaoqiao Pharmaceutical Distribution Center. Both shared company milestone, business visions, core competences and progress update of the cooperative projects.

Mr. Mark Lotter, CEO of Nuance Pharma, shared the long-standing business relationship with Shanghai Pharma. He acknowledged the fruitful cooperation and addressed his admiration for the extraordinary contribution from Shanghai Pharma to safeguard the public health and stabilize the medical supply during the pandemic. He believed that Shanghai Pharma, as the leading service provider for supply chain services in the healthcare industry, maintains many unique competitive advantages. A journey of one thousand miles begins with the first step. Mark expressed his expectations for these two partner companies to build on the established trust as well as the synergized collaboration, and to form a stronger alliance for the ever more mutual benefits in the future. The relationship is intended to deliver a variety of benefits to Nuance and SP as the company expands its commercial footprint across China and into AsiaPac as well as in building its novel and presence as delivered via its pipeline.

Mr. Li Yongzhong, Managing Director, VP and General Manager of Shanghai Pharma, expressed his acknowledgement of Nuance Pharma’s precise positioning as well as portfolio strategies. He added that Shanghai Pharma would continuously support Nuance’s long-term development in the focused treatment areas of respiratory, pain management, emergency care and iron deficiency, as the key partner in Nuance’s commercialization progress and in-depth exploration in the Asia Pacific.

Later on, Nuance CFO Bob Shen signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Shanghai Pharma Vice General Manager Mr. Ren Gang.

About Shanghai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a modern provider of pharmaceutical supply chain services that focuses on pharmaceutical distribution and operates in 17 provinces and cities nationwide. Based on a nationwide terminal network, the company has been striving to promote hospital supply chain services, develop “new distribution and new retail”, and build new industrial advantages. The company’s distribution network covers more than 30,000 medical institution terminals nationwide.

About Nuance Pharma

Nuance Pharma is a patient-centric and innovation focused biopharmaceutical company. Focusing on specialty care, Nuance's portfolio represents a differentiated combination of commercial stage and innovative pipeline assets across respiratory, pain management, emergency care, and iron deficiency anemia. Nuance has built a late clinical stage innovative portfolio, while maintaining a self-sustainable commercial operation. 


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